Post Echoes
Commissioned by Selbstgebaute Musik in cooporation with Stadtmission Berlin and Zwingli Kulturkirche e.V.
Post Echoes examines what remains when a person passes away.
It is an attempt to create a visual and acoustic memory for the deceased.

Below our daily noise, apartments are dissolved every day after someone has passed away.
A mostly invisible process, these personal living spaces that hold traces of long lives, disintegrate back the fabric of the city.
In the last few years I have involuntarily learned a lot about death. It has become an integral part of my life, the fear of it (almost) disappearing. However, when a person goes, their memories go too. I think it was Laurie Anderson who once said that when her father died, it was like a whole library went up in flames.

These pictures were taken in three apartments of people who have left it forever. With permission from their families, we tried to capture the spirit of the place, to see the same evening sun on the wallpaper that the person saw wandering along the bedroom wall (almost) all their life, the calendar in the kitchen, which from one day to the next was no longer written on. I am very grateful for this experience, it reminds me anew that we are only part of an endless cycle. Back on the street in the evening after the first shoot, nothing has changed. Just like every day, the trains are full, cars honk, people go shopping and are looking forward to coming home.

The project was exhibited in October 2023 at Zwingli Kulturkirche e.V. in Berlin.

Sound concept, composition and installation: Selbstgebaute Musik
with the support of Luisa Heeger.
Video works by Jascha Müller-Guthof
Photographs by Piotr Pietrus