Mountain Mother
A collaborative project with Catherine Rose Evans developed during DIEresidenz, an artist residency situated in southeastern France, and subsequently exhibited in Musée de Die et du Diois, France 2021.

    “Coming from Berlin, Catherine Rose and Piotr focus on the geology, history and resources of the Diois' environment to present us with the results of their research in a contemporary language that is both minimal and poetic. With great sensitivity to the magic of things, they give their portrait to stones and bring Cybele into the exhibition, a Roman goddess who embodies wild nature and is also called "Mother of the Mountains".

According to legend, born from a black meteorite, Cybele was honoured in antiquity as one of the greatest goddesses of the Near East and was introduced to Die by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. Catherine Rose and Piotr search for her traces in contemporary Diois, both in the museum and in nature. During their research they found a spring, a meteorite and numerous coincidences that may have been directly caused by the "guardian of knowledge" - another name for the goddess.

Although Cybele is the gravitational centre of the exhibited works, they also tell personal stories, comparable to a diary. In the photographs we can see traces of the duo during their research, as well as their respective different artistic approaches.”

Conny Becker, curator.

Installation view - Musée de Die et du Diois, France 2021