Cicha Woda is a photo series that is guided by a search for ephemeral flashes in our fast-paced life. I am collecting images, which once combined, create their own narrative; a visual atlas of some sort of magic that is quietly moving just below the surface.

The title translates from Polish to Quiet Water, which is a saying that refers to the fact that silent, seemingly trivial things can have a large impact or effect. Visually it can also refer to various states of flowing: from shower gel in hands, to streams of unconsciousness that are barely audible through all the white noise of our busy lifestyles.

In a certain way I want to digest or detox myself from all the superficial junk we’re constantly bombarded with by a consumerist culture: all these fake promises of perfect worlds you can be a part of if you pay the necessary amount. Chica Woda is what happens when I distance myself from all of this.